Cost and Value Consultancy

It’s easy for a growing company to lose sight of increasing costs when it’s  “successful”. However, without oversight of costs, it can rapidly become a victim of its own success.

At Director Group, we understand the importance of cost control and efficiency management to support continued success no matter what the business cycle.

Through our real estate, workplace and facilities ‘health-check’ programme, we are able to run data analytics to provide efficiency measurements across client estates. By unlocking our client’s data, we can show areas of vulnerability and risk, highlight over capacity, improve contract and service level performance, as well as highlight opportunities to improve space efficiency and asset management.

Our health-check programmes are bespoke and designed to inform the key decisions our clients need to focus on.

We provide:

  • Procurement strategies to fit with business objectives
  • Risk reduction programmes through to supply chain management
  • Greater operational value through indirect and direct cost service reviews
  • Internal and external bench-marking services and initiatives
  • Service and asset acquisition programmes
  • Resource and organisational reviews
  • Interim management roles to support projects, functional change and BAU challenges
  • Outsourcing and supply partner strategy support

Global Real Estate Health Check

Our client was introduced to us through their investor to help them manage their expanding global real estate challenge. The client is a global IT company, currently expanding 29% year-on-year.

We were able to run our ‘health-check’ programme across 49 properties spread over 4 continents. Data included real estate costs and liabilities that provided a base line for a formal property strategy. This included identifying occupancy utilisation and efficiency at each location, plotted against head count growth and the rationalisation needs of the business.

The resulting metrics provided immediate visibility of forthcoming lease events and identified opportunities to align the estate with the business plan. Inefficient and costly locations were identified. Equally important, was the identification of capacity issues which could now  support the planned expansion and city consolidations.

I thought I knew how to use data. Then I was introduced to Director Group!

Chief Financial Officer