Samuel Chua Yao Quan BSc MRICS
Consultant: Real Estate, Workplace and FM

Samuel is based in Singapore and brings with him 7 years’ experience in transaction management and internal CRE management.  He has been responsible for developing and delivering real estate strategies, financial modelling and portfolio analysis from an in-house corporate perspective in Asia.

Samuel has a proven track record in developing and implementing CRE processes and analytic tools such as RACIs, business approval processes and cross-business line intelligence platforms.

Recent projects include:

  • Collaboration with global portfolio teams to develop cross business CRE reporting functions.
  • Delivering strategic portfolio analysis and financial modelling for real estate strategies for ~40 million sqft of commercial space; develop and maintain key client reports to drive process and performance standards for the delivery of real estate services.
  • Client portfolio includes: ANZ Bank, Dell, Deutsche Bank, EMC, ExxonMobil, Hay Group, P&G, Rolls-Royce, SAP, Smiths GP, Standard Chartered Bank, and VMWare.

Samuel is multi-lingual and has experience of working across many cultures within the APAC region for US and European companies with CRE Advisers.