Michele Flynn
Consultant: Real Estate, Workplace and FM

Michele is a widely recognized corporate real estate authority with more than 25 years of expertise in leveraging real estate portfolios and organizations to generate unprecedented returns on investment and meet corporate business imperatives. Her proven approach leverages processes, technology and outsourcing/third-party relationship management to achieve more effective portfolio and facilities management.

Michele was the founder and CEO of Expense Management Solutions (EMS), a strategic consulting firm serving over 90 of the world’s largest corporations with wide-ranging corporate real estate support that generated a 20:1 ROI for industry leaders including Microsoft, Iron Mountain, Dow Chemical and State Street.

She spun out technology-based tools developed at EMS to create Hiperos, LLC, a performance management offering whose groundbreaking cloud-based platform has enabled a host of Global Fortune 2000 companies to extract maximum value from their outsourcing and vendor/supplier relationships.

She began her career in corporate real estate management working for leading firms including Liberty Mutual and Aetna Life and Casualty.

Michele is a sought-after speaker at universities and professional trade conferences, and has written frequently for industry publications. She is Board Certified in Corporate Real Estate (BCCR) by CoreNet, and is a designated Certified Outsourcing Professional (COP).

SIREAS LLC  was co-founded by Michele in  in 2015 and are a Director Group trusted partner based in the USA.

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