About us 

Director Group is an independent consultancy delivering client objectives through passion and experience in an ever-changing, increasingly complicated business world. 

We’re experts in Corporate Real Estate, Workplace and Project Management and we understand the contribution that these bring to the business performance.

We work across the UK and around the globe supporting organisations of all sizes across all sectors with projects. Our high level of service is based on all of our colleagues sharing skills, experience and business focus regardless of location.

We’re independent. We’re not a brokerage or a transaction-based company. We don’t side with landlords or service providers. We offer independent, market-wide perspective and visibility, because we believe that is what’s best for our clients.

We’ve been in your shoes. We are all former company directors and advisors in commercial real estate and workplace management, who want to use our expertise to drive results for business, and who can offer the voice of experience to support change in periods of transition – positive or otherwise.

Our services are tailor-made, because each business has unique needs. We can be called on for one-off project delivery, but our expertise shines through in ongoing, close working relationships helping with strategy development through to execution. Watching businesses thrive, and maximising real estate’s potential to support business objectives at every stage, is what drives us.

We’re here to help. So get in touch and let’s start talking.